Monday, October 12, 2015

Basic Photography Course Enrollment page

Basic Photography Course -SLC, Utah
Two month photography course! 
Taught in weekly modules!

Beginning Date: August 24th

Basic Photography
Enrollment $600
The class is full. 
Basic Photography
Thursday Evenings at 6:30-8pm
Where: Downtown SLC 
Limit: 8 students per class

Courses are now taught in weekly modules. Please visit SLC Photo school's Blog of an explanation.  
Feel free to contact me with questions. 
This is an introductory course for beginning photographers who have a passion but little experience actually taking high quality photos. I will teach you how to use the camera you own to capture the images you want in the way that will best utilize the camera’s functions and your own skill. The course will begin by reviewing basic usage of the camera’s functions so you can better understand how Aperture, Shutter speed, and how lighting affects the photograph.
Once you have a basic understanding of the essentials, this course will teach you how to get more amazing shots, whether you like to take pictures of scenery or people. Though most people can get lucky and snap a great picture once and a while, you will learn the skills to take consistently great shots!
We will discuss how best to take family and individual portraits, as well as nature shots for all of you who love the outdoors! We will spend a lot of time outside of the classroom taking pictures, so bring your walking shoes and be ready to shoot!
There will be photo walks on several days during the course that students can attend at no additional cost.
Please call me with any questions.
Ikon Republik – 406-303-1245
 Basic Course Outline
How cameras work
Depth of field
Basic portraiture
Different types of cameras
The importance of having the right equipment
Basic Landscape
How to control lighting
Creative Photography Techniques

This course has been praised as fun and informative by students who have taken it in the past. They get excited about photography and I hope you do too! Several of them have started successful photography businesses while taking the course! I look forward to meeting you and seeing you learn!- Ikon Republik
Thank you!
 – Ikon Republik

Please email me after you have enrolled!
Beginning Date: August 24th

Location: The location is private. Only the student in the course will know.

-Ikon Republik

Thank you for enrolling.
If you have questions please call me at 406-303-1245
-Ikon Republik