Intermediate Photography Class

Intermediate Photography Class

Intermediate Photography Class
8 Week Course
Class begins August 25th
Thursday nights for two months


Limit 6 students

*Payment options available

Are you ready to take your photography to the next level?
This is the class you've been waiting for!

Course Outline

Review of Basic and intermediate photography
Fundamentals of lighting
Characteristics of Light: Color. Quality, Intensity
Use of Continuos light and Studio Strobes
Light Ratios
Light modifiers
Anatomy in Photography
Pricing and Professional fee's
Product shooting
Lighting for Product shooting
Shooting Glass and shiny Objects
Shooting Liquid
Food Photography
Tabletop Photography
Lighting: Main light, Kicker lights, Fill-in lights
Light ratio Applications
Posing for Fashion and boudoir photography
Studio shooting: Fashion and Portrait
How to submit to magazines and get published
Model shoots

There are several books that I recommend and we will be going over them in class!
Please email me after you have enrolled.

I teach at a private location near downtown SLC.

Ikon Republik
Salt Lake City Photography School

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