Private Photography Lessons

Private Photography Lessons
Whether you take pictures for fun or for work, a private photography lesson a great way to learn in Salt Lake City!
Topics can include but are not limited to:
* Photography basics like shutter speed and aperture
* Basic to advanced camera settings like metering settings.
* Exposure, Composition and how to create dramatic images. 
* Fashion, portrait, W\wedding posing so you can turn you hobby into a self supporting business.
* Composition and lighting tips to make your images  look amazing!
* Portfolio review/ where your photography stands and how to make it better.
* Software training on Lightroom and Photoshop.
* Basic image editing like cropping and resizing images
* Advanced image editing like working with RAW files and skin retouching.
* Advice on how to Market and grow your business. Create a Sales funnel, personalization, relationship building and psychological marketing. 
Photography lessons are also available through Skype or Google Hangouts!
Prices start at 100 dollars an hour!
Call or text us at (406) 303-1245 for more pricing information and to schedule a private class.
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